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30 October 2012 No wine in 2012 for Chateau Hourtin-Ducasse

A troubled growing season has put pay to plans for the 2012 vintage from the Chateau Hourtin-Ducasse.

As reports, the 25-hectare cru bourgeois estate, which is located at Saint Sauveur in the northern Medoc region of France, will not be producing a wine this year.

The announcement comes just weeks after Thierry Coste, an expert from the European Union farmers’ union admitted the difficult weather conditions had contributed to the smallest grape harvest in 50 years.

In all, the latest grape harvest was around 20 per cent less than the previous year, with drought, frost and hail combining over the last few months to dent production.

And it has ultimately proved too much for the Chateau Hourtin-Ducasse, with owner Michael Marengo confirming, in an interview with Le Journal du Medoc, that the producer’s "minimum quality requirements" had not been met.

"It's been a very difficult decision and I hope one that I never have to make again. It feels like we have been working for nothing," he added.

Despite this, Mr Marengo did note that enough good quality Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes had been harvested to make a rose wine.

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