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Ditton Wine Traders operate on a lower margin than most fine wine merchants, so we can offer you a better price for your fine wine than you would get at other merchants or auction houses. We deliberately do this to make sure we have a steady supply of fine wine. After all, purchasing is as important to us as selling.

If you want to sell fine wine, we would like to encourage you to ask for a quote, to see how they compare to any other quotes you might have received. 

If you put us in touch with somebody who has well stored fine wine – with good provenance – available for sale, we will be happy to give you a commission should we decide to purchase it

Most of the wine we buy is top end wine from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Italy. At the moment, we are particularly (but not exclusively) looking for full original wooden cases of:

sell fine wine


We will also consider other wines. 

If you would like to sell fine wine in full cases, well stored and in impeccable condition, please do contact us for a quote and for further information about the sales process (which is transparent and remarkably simple):

…or fill in this form:


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