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In order to best preserve quality and value of your fine wine, it needs to be in impeccable condition. The cases need to be original wood (OWC), with a lid. If the bottles came in paper wrappers, it is best to still have them like that. Labels need to be pristine – uncoloured, unstained and without tears or marks. Levels need to be as they should with the age of the wine. Capsules need to be intact and without signs of movement of the cork or worse, seepage.


Wine storage is extremely important. Your fine wine is most likely to be in investment grade condition if it has been professionally handled and stored. Without interruption. Sadly, the Fine Wine industry still lacks a system that would allow tracking a case of wine over its lifetime, thereby potentially ensuring perfect provenance. In lieu of that, and although not fool proof, making sure that you know the condition of the wine when you buy and making sure you store it professionally over the time you own it is the next best. This basically rules out storing it in your own private cellar, no matter how good that cellar is.

We offer private storage accounts at London City Bond (LCB) in Tilbury. These accounts are held under your name, with deeds of the wine remaining with you during storage. The Private accounts are however under an umbrella account of Ditton Wine Traders, allowing us to offer trade rates.


·         Charges for storage are £8.58 (excluding VAT) per case of 12 bottles, per annum (or part)

·         We accept single bottles and other quantities, and charge pro-rata

·         Under Bond or Duty Paid storage is possible

·         You may store wines purchased from other sources

·         Your wines are insured at full replacement value

·         Storage will be applied to any wines that remain uncollected or undelivered after 3 months from availability

·         We can arrange delivery to, or collection from your storage account

·         We require written instructions from the account holder in order to process any releases from the storage account

·         Delivery or Transfer to or from your storage account will be charged at cost


Wine Storage | Ditton Wine Traders


We can also arrange for delivery, worldwide. Our forwarders make sure your order is shipped in the right conditions, using refrigerated air freight and where necessary, refrigerated trucks. They are familiar with and can handle all local custom formalities, including Beijing, Shanghai and most other big cities in mainland China. Please contact us for current rates and conditions.

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