lynch bages ratings revised by robert parker

In a vertical tasting of Lynch Bages vintages spanning 1981 to 2010, Robert Parker – the wine trade’s most influential critic – has conducted an extensive review of one of Bordeaux’s most enduring chateaux, re-rating the wines accordingly.

Perhaps unsurprising, this has lead to some price adjustments as well as a spike in activity. Why this particular chateau was chosen, while not explicitly referred to on Parker’s website (, quite likely has to do with Lynch Bages’ enduring popularity, not just both sides of the Atlantic, but, of late, as one of the handful of chateaux taking the lead in China-and Hong Kong. Furthermore, the chateaux, which has consistently punched above its fifth growth weight, has (along with its ‘flying fifth’ peer Pontet Canet) seen a significant re-positioning in the market of late. The pricing appears to be holding, even in the recent climate of price drops. Lynch Bages is arguably the strongest Bordeaux brand behind the 1st Growths, with very strong trading volume, so this re-rating is well worth having a look at:

Lynch Bages re-rated

vintage new rating previous rating change price
1989 99 95 +4 £3,000
1990 99 97 +2 £2,900
2000 97 95 +2 £2,000
2010 95-97 95-97 0 £1,250
2009 94-96+ 94-96+ 0 £1,300
2003 95 89 +6 £1,150
2005 94+ 91 +3 £1,100
2006 94 92 +2 £925
1986 94 92 +2 £1,350
2008 93 93 0 £900
1996 93 94 -1 £1,450
1982 93 94 -1 £2,800
1999 90 90 0 £900
1985 90 92 -2 £1,700
1995 89+ 91 -2 £1,400
2007 88 89 -1 £780
2001 88 89 -1 £950
2004 87 89 -2 £850
2002 87 88 -1 £900
1998 87 89 -2 £1,000
1981 86 85 +1 £850
1983 81 89 -8 £950


















In total, 8 vintages received a higher score and 10 vintages were downgraded. The 1989 and 1990 duo both now have 99 points, which caused many traders to snap up the few remaining cases they could find. The prices as stated reflect this. The 2003 vintage, of which it's a bit easier to find stock of still, received the biggest upgrade. Before the new score, the market price was around £850 whilst you'll do well to find it at £1,200 now. Even so, we feel this vintage will go up in price further as it is now one of the highest scoring vintages and availability will rapidly decrease. 

The 2009 and 2010 duo also seem to be attractively priced, given enough time. Looking at above list, we feel that any vintage receiving more than 90 points and trading below £1,000 is also a buy. This is true for the 2008 but particularly for the 2006.

Have a look at our list of Lynch Bages. It's becoming increasingly difficult to source Lynch Bages, even the younger vintages so if above appeals to you, don't wait too long.

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