wine investment, what warren buffett would do

Since the Summer, fine wine prices have moved south. So have all bond and equity markets. Systemic risk caused by European debt issues is the main reason. Which in turn affects global growth prospects. Banks are forced to de-leverage, making it more difficult for companies and indeed countries to access credit. Credit rating agencies sound warnings left right and centre, with Standard & Poor’s in their latest move warning that it might downgrade the credit rating of no less than 15 European countries.

dont be a victim of fraud

 WSTA has published a "wine investment guide". It is "published and maintained by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. Its contents were drafted in consultation with a number of reputable UK wine merchants, retailers, brokers and law enforcement agencies. It is aimed at consumers who are considering investing in fine wines.

a case for investing in fine wine, now

As you will likely be aware of, prices of fine wine, as measured by the widely adopted Liv-ex 100, have fallen 20% over the last 3 months and the drop has not yet stopped. You might therefore think, why should I invest in a market that’s going down?

why bordeaux fine wine prices are falling

There’s always loads of noise and comments on blogs, websites and Twitter when Fine Wine prices are going up, often amounting to plugging one’s own business. As of the last month or 2 though, I have not seen many comments on the current state of affairs in the fine wine market, whilst there’s more need for that than ever. So we thought to have a stab at explaining the market and provide readers with some transparant, meaningful information.